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The pace of change in today's digitally-fueled business climate has accelerated our quest for innovation; beyond the capabilities of traditional product and service development processes.  Constantly shifting customers, increased focus on improving productivity while reducing costs, and time-to-market pressures demand a new way of approaching success.

This change is driven by digital information overload, along with a continuous state of flux, that further challenges an organization to keep up. What is needed is an innovative, integrated approach that supports the rapid infusion of multiple perspectives, new ideas, continuous research, group collaboration and rapid prototyping.  This is the essence of Design Thinking.

Curiosita exists to bring, teach, and empower a company to internalize these new methods necessary in this fast-paced environment.  Our goal is to transfer and infuse the design thinking process into your current product and service development process.

The process of Design Thinking can help to develop products, services, methods, and even strategy. It is iterative, collaborative, and continuous in design. Curiosita utilizes a solid method that is inclusive of your entire corporation, it’s stakeholders, and not just its external customers. We create strong internal teams that ensure collaboration, iteration, rapid prototyping, and uncovers the real truth about your new product or service.

The Curiosita approach is not a “one-time fix”, but rather, transfers these methods so they become part of the fabric of your organization.

Design Thinking for Modern Management

The Da Vincian principle of Curiosita refers to an insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning. This principle of continuous learning is worthless without a combination of both left and right brain thinking.

This is the essence of the Design Thinking process.

why design thinking is right for the future of business innovation.

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diane jacobsen, founder

Part Architect, part humanist, part designer, Diane’s innovative approach to wicked problems is immersive, collaborative and holistic.

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